Price & Pierce Fiber, situated in the vicinity of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a division of Price & Pierce OY in Helsinki, Finland, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the JP Gould Paper Corporation LLC in New York, USA, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the stock listed company Japan Pulp & Paper Corporation Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan.

Price & Pierce Fiber is the division within the group specialised in the global trade of recovered fiber

Through its knowledge of all major recovered fiber markets, strong customer focus, an eye for quality and excellent in-house logistic & freight capabilities, Price & Pierce Fiber has proven itself to be an excellent partner in the recovered fiber industry.

Our 30 years of experience in the business enables us to import & export practically any type of recovered fiber, provide quality control and deliver traceability.

We are the European import partner of GP Harmon Recycling LLC (USA), the world’s largest trader in recovered fiber.

The corporation’s leading position in world markets combined with our financial solutions and extensive knowledge of the recovered fiber industry, make us a very attractive trading partner to our supply chain partners in Europe, the USA and customers worldwide.

Jeroen de Vries, Managing Director Price & Pierce Fiber

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